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Installing WPGet – video tutorial

You didn’t ask for it… but you got it anyway.

If you’ve been wondering exactly how to install WPGet, you need wonder no more, as I’ve done a screencast with a quick demo installation of WordPress.

This should serve any installation queries until the next version of the Config Tool arrives, which will feature one-click configuration (you will be able to download the fully ready-to-go script without any copying and pasting).

So, get watching!

A few notes:

  • The reason the download in the video took so long is because for some reason the DNS servers over here are being really slow this evening, meaning it takes almost 15 seconds to visit most web pages (every time it does a lookup). Grrrrr…
  • Needless to say, the database password (and relevant details) you may or may not have seen in the demo don’t work anymore. 😛
  • Fellow KDE users may ask why I was copying things around and not working off the server directly (I love that feature in KDE). The reason is, most people won’t have that ability or won’t be used to that way of working, so I copied and pasted my way around instead.

I like vnc2swf – oh, and a quick screencast for you

Finally found a decent video screen capture solution for Linux (well, actually it’s cross-platform but that’s even better). It’s called pyvnc2swf and hopefully it will allow me to augment my future tutorials with video and audio.

So to test it out, here is a quick demo of killing processes, tying in with my recent tutorial on the subject.

Don’t worry, I’ll reveal all on how to set up pyvnc2swf with audio and all that stuff in due course.

Watch it here.

(While I can get KDE running in my recording VNC system by running killall twm;startkde, I can’t seem to find the command for Gnome, and it would be great to offer cross-desktop screen demos. Someone tell me how! Please…)

Windows Live Mail Beta screencast

A while back I got an invite to Windows Live Mail Beta; basically, Hotmail 2.0. So I’ve finally got round to doing a short screencast showing off its interface, a couple of new features and me explaining my thoughts on the new service.

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the fact that the Firefox window is cut off and subsequently there’s some of the window that you can’t see. It’s not a major issue, but still, annoying and not worth re-recording for. Next time I’ll resize the window to exactly 720×576 to prevent this problem happening again (it’s an Adobe Premiere Elements thing).

Stay tuned for full size 720×576 XviD version, it will be available for download soon.

XviD 720×576 version now available for download. Download now!