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iPod Touch unboxing

Here are some photos from the unboxing of my iPod Touch. I’ve had it for a few days now, and I am absolutely loving it thus far.

Strangely though, I don’t really feel like jailbreaking it and messing around with it at the moment. Whether I’ll stick with that attitude and wait until February, considering it’s not long now, or whether I’ll change my mind will yet to be seen, I guess.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos below, or view the full set on my Flickr.

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I’m gravitating back to it. After a while of using Zooomr, and since what has happened since Mark III, it really isn’t fulfilling my needs; stuff still feels broken, the upload page doesn’t work at all on Firefox on Linux and to be honest, I much prefer how the Mark II architecture worked.

So, back to Flickr I go.

My old account is junked up with rubbish, so I’ve actually gone onto a fresh Yahoo account and created a new Flickr account using it. From now on, you’ll find all my new photos and stuff on my Flickr.

Which is:

And my profile is:

Feel free to friend me and all that stuff – I’m too lazy, so come and find me and add me. 🙂

I’ll be needing somewhere to stick the unboxing photos of Leopard. Not that there’s an awful lot of unboxing involved, but I’m not going to break the tradition now, am I? 😉

Some screenshots of Vaveo (aka The Project)

The Project, which can now be publicly known as Vaveo (I have no idea how to pronounce that, by the way), is what I have been working really hard on for the past few weeks. Since it all has been very secret up until now, there are some screenshots for the impatient and curious below. 😀

The screenshots below demonstrate only some of what is Vaveo – we’re not giving the whole game away just yet!

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Awesome coding setup

Left – MacBook with Firefox open, with the project I’m developing open and tabs with any other resources I need to hand.

Middle – IM and other random windows so I can stay in contact and stash stuff I want close. Only 1024×768, but ah well.

Right – code open in (one of) the world’s greatest web development IDE(s) – Quanta.

Awesome coding rig