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Gone too far

That’s it. The DMCA has gone too far. If it can be abused in such a serious and dangerous way as that, then we’re all in big trouble.

Someone stop the DMCA now. It should be made illegal.

Google Talk is broken

I am plain fed up of Google Talk refusing to allow any third-party clients to connect after about 18:00 BST. I have no idea whether anyone else has this issue, but I certainly do and it’s starting to really annoy me. It seems to happen almost every day at the moment.

I’ve tried connecting with Kopete, Pidgin, Adium and iChat, but still, nothing works. Regardless of OS or machine, I can’t get a single third party client to connect.

I want to use GTalk as my primary IM as it’s nice and compatible with Jabber as an open standard and all that, but at this rate, I’m thinking about just getting myself a standard Jabber account. All I have right now is the damn Gmail chat interface.

Trying out Automattic Stats and Reinvigorate

A couple of days ago I got my private beta invite for web statistics service Reinvigorate. I have to say I much prefer Reinvigorate’s interface to that of Google Analytics and hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll collect enough data so that I can see whether it really is better or not.

In other statistics news, I’ve also downloaded and enabled the Automattic Stats WordPress plugin. It’s free, you just need a API key (which you will have if you’re running Akismet) and supposedly also tracks stats in the same way that a blog hosted on does.

I’ll give both a try and see what they’re like!

The new URL now tops Google

It took a bit longer than expected, but I’ve finally managed to top myself on Google, so searching for Peter Upfold in Google now takes you to the new URL (the old one redirects, but the new one is better and we want people linking to the new not the old).

Google new URL

Yahoo actually managed to get there a few days quicker than Google, so credit there. Microsoft Live Search is still reporting the old URL at the top (the new one is listed below as a separate entity despite there being permanent redirect codes being issued by the old one). And Live, no I did not mean peter uphold.

Actually I’m really lucky that my name is unusual enough that I can top search engines for my name. Very lucky. +1 for weird names.

SleekTabs getting started

Just finished the first proper part of my documentation wiki.

While I did do a screencast for SleekTabs to explain a little how it works, there are still gaps as far as a comprehensive install guide goes.

Well, I’ve made a nice start at one on the wiki, which you can take a look at here –

Any feedback is welcome and of course if you want to make it better, please do get on the wiki and get editing!

I also have some great things planned for version 0.2, so I’m looking forward to working on those when I get a little time. I might get a chance to work on SleekTabs on Saturday. Don’t expect a release too soon though!

@cvp – I think I’ve addressed the two points you made in your email a while back, but let me know if there’s anything I missed out that’s important.

Wow, using @username notation in blog posts. What is the world coming to?

Erm… Google…

You’re not allowed to do this:

Gmail WoW gold ad

So why are Google Ads for services like this showing up in Gmail? I suppose it’s not illegal so it’s not Google’s job to enforce, but it is against the WoW ToS to use these services.

Ironically, it wasn’t actually an email conversation about World of Warcraft, just the word ‘wow’ (as in “wow look at that”) appeared a couple of times.

In other Google-related news, I’m getting Google Apps For Your Domain set up on, so I’m looking forward to trying it out!

SleekTabs nominated for the April PHP Classes award!

I am very happy to announce that SleekTabs has been nominated for the April 2007 PHP Classes Innovation Award.

This is the second time I’ve been nominated (the first time was for WPGet, and I’m honoured to receive another nomination!

Bearing in mind that I don’t really consider ST to be ready for production use yet and I was just getting the code out there with the intention of working on it and upgrading it to a better standard, I’m really really surprised to be nominated again!

You can of course vote for me if you so wish by going to the Vote page (you’ll need an account at PHP Classes.

As always, you can see the SleekTabs page at PHP Classes here.